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E&O: Will Meyrick’s new Jakarta enterprise successful from day one

Published 01 April 2013   


E&O (Eastern & Oriental) restaurant opened recently in Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, and is a collaboration between two of Indonesia’s most successful restaurant groups; Bali’s Sarong and Mama San and Jakarta’s Loewy and Union. Acclaimed chef Will Meyrick, who spearheaded the success of his two Bali restaurants is also behind the menu and kitchen at E&O, bringing fine Indonesian and Vietnamese flavours to the city. From the moment you enter it’s obvious the design is from the Lowey camp as the similarities to the restaurant literally across the road are unmistakable. And making a union between these two groups appears to be paying dividends since from the first night the doors opened E&O has been the toast of the town with a packed house on most nights since. It’s even to the point now guests need to book days in advance. Hats off to you Mr Meyrick: that’s a great accomplishment in the country’s capital after only a few weeks in business.


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  1. It’s Loewy, not Lowey. Perhaps you need a new editor?

    Posted by A on 07 July 13 at 11:39am [Reply]