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Plataran’s Patio Entices, Enthralls and Excites the Palate

Published 30 May 2012   

Chef Nyoman Rai takes Patio diners on a culinary adventure.

Patio Terrace and Lounge at the exquisite Plataran Resort Bali now features a wonderfully crafted menu that offers a symphony of tastes and flavours courtesy of newly-appointed Executive Chef Nyoman Rai who arrived in February. Chef Rai has taken inspiration from the tranquil location and made full use of the organic vegetable and spice garden to create a menu full of freshness and vitality. “I have worked as a chef for 20 years and have had some wonderful experiences at Alila, Uma Resort and Como Shambhala which have helped to shape my ideas about food,” he explains.

Offering a range of skillfully prepared western dishes as well as creative vegetarian and raw dishes, Chef Rai’s skill lies in his ability to balance flavours and colours. “The food is driven by ingredients, the best I can find and then I like to play with tastes and textures to create interesting and vibrant dishes. I’ve had some wonderful teachers like Chris Miller who was at Como Shambhala and Diane Von Cranach, Southeast Asia’s raw food guru, who helped me to understand how food contributes to our well being.” His guests come from all over the world, and their tastes are wide and varied. While some want a simple steak dinner or a grilled fish with fresh sides, others are more adventurous and want to try local dishes and some of the classic dishes prepared with local flavours. There is always an element of surprise in his dishes from the simplest green salad with snap fresh vegetables, roasted nuts and seeds and a tangy dressing to a sublime raw curry dressed with a mildly spiced avocado dressing to prawn salads with home-made spinach noodles and an orange balsamic dressing topped with tiny mango cones filled with greens and avocado. Each plate is a work of art and sauces are so well blended it is often challenging to define the ingredients, so well does he play one flavour off against another.

Patio at Plataran is a short drive from Seminyak and Canggu, and is a tranquil and beautiful restaurant overlooking a river and surrounded by giant bamboo, yet despite its proximity to Bali’s main tourist areas, it seems a world away.