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Luxurious Langkawi: the Four Seasons

Published 01 June 2012   

The sheer indulgence offered by the Four Seasons Langkawi is the perfect complement to the Malaysian archipelago’s astounding natural beauty.

Text by Melanie Lee
Images courtesy of Four Seasons Langkawi

It’s a gloriously sunny day when I first arrive at Four Seasons Resort in Langkawi, and upon arrival, I am whisked to Kelapa Grill, the resort’s breezy beachfront restaurant, to take in the scenic sights of the sparkling Andaman Sea and the swaying palm trees on the white sandy beach of Tanjong Rhu.

Helena, the public relations coordinator who is hosting this lunch, is telling me about a recent holiday to Bali. “There was so much traffic and crowds, I couldn’t wait to come back to Langkawi,” she confesses. I could understand her bias, especially given that her office is this gorgeous and secluded five-star resort.
There’s a sense of serenity that permeates through this resort’s 48-acre compound. It’s more than spacious – almost minimalist – and yet there are intricate Asian and Arabic design touches that also lend an air of fantasy-like exoticism. There are curvy Moghul Indian-style windows, handmade Batik furnishings and meandering pathways made of old railway wood from Borneo.
My first day at Four Seasons Langkawi gets dreamier. I spend the afternoon lazing in my own private cabana at the Adult Quiet Pool where I get a magnificent view of ships gliding across the glistening sea. I suddenly discover the allure of reading a book in a swimsuit now that I know that no one’s looking. In the evening, I enjoy a brilliantly red sunset at the Moorish-influenced Rhu Bar where I sip on Mojitos while rocking on a cushioned swing and later tuck into some sumptuous, spicy Malaysian fare at Ikan-Ikan where I fall in love with their Ikan Jenahak Asam Katok (Crispy-Fried Red Snapper Fillet with Tamarind Honey Chili Sauce).

During the next few days, I also find out that Four Seasons does a great job in the outdoor activities department too. I thoroughly enjoy the mangrove tour that’s led by the resort’s naturalist, Aidi, who is full of fascinating stories about swamp creatures. “Do you know that the hunky mudskippers actually protect the wimpy mudskippers so that in mating season, the hunky ones would look good to the females compared to the wimps? Not much different from human nature,” he says with a chuckle.

Astounding tropical scenery surrounds the resort; Sea views from the Upper Melaleuca Pavilion.

After all that adventure, and with muscles aching from the stair marathon, it’s back to chillaxing again.

I even get a little rugged and hop into an Explorer boat for a Secrets of the Sea tour and end up swimming by the waterfall and having a picnic in a secret islet that I’m not meant to divulge. I also visit Pulau Langgun, one of Langkawi’s 99 islands, where I climb up 2,000 steps to see a pretty lake that I’m tempted to dip into, but then am told by Farly, my guide, that there have been sightings of a huge creature “bigger than a boat” lurking underwater. I get back to the boat as quickly as possible.

But of course, after that, with muscles aching from the stair marathon, it’s back to chillaxing again and I head to the spa where I get my own personal pavilion for a traditional Malay massage. After that, I proceed to have a bubble bath at the decadent bathroom in my villa, where there’s skylight flooding the huge terrazzo bathtub with sunlight. Can life get any better than this?

I left Four Seasons Resort Langkawi on the fourth day with a reluctant heart. It’s hard to let go when one has been pampered with such impeccable indulgence. It’s even harder when this luxurious sanctuary is also surrounded by the best of Mother Nature’s gems with a pristine beach, magical mangroves and forested hills.

Four Seasons Resort Langkawi
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