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Looking Down On Creation: Impiana Villas Phuket

Published 28 March 2012   

Forget staying in a hotel on the beach in Phuket with the tourist hordes – the only place to be in 2012 is high on a cliff looking down over the ocean from your own private pool villa. Thomas Jones finds solitude to order at Impiana Private Villas in Kata Noi.

Text by Thomas Jones

It’s hard to beat endless days lying on white sand beaches, swimming in warm waters, buying exotic fruits from passing hawkers, drinking cold beers and eating freshly cooked chili prawns on a sun lounger under a coconut tree. Ahh, paradise, just like the posters in the travel agency. But then, something unexpected happens; a pair of obnoxious jet skis race past, pushy touts start forcing aluminium elephants and Buddha carvings in your face, the beer gets warm, the sand gets in your sandwiches, and the space between the sun loungers gets smaller and smaller until the sun stops shining.

Phuket is notoriously beautiful, but unfortunately those white-sand beaches and pristine coves, smiling locals and exquisite food are no secret to the rest of the world as well, making peace, quiet and personal space a rare luxury. For those in the know, however, these hard to find commodities are very available. You just have to know where to look.

Since I enjoy my solitude, and don’t want to deal with touts, taxi drivers or ‘massage therapists’ desperate for my attention and spare cash – let alone other tourists – I did some simple googling and found Impiana Villas at the top of the hill at the south end of Kata Beach, one of my favourite spots on the island, and gave it a whirl.

Jutting out unto the sea on a high rocky headland the resort has seven suites and four private pool villas, each with its own infinity pools overlooking the sea and, best of all, there’s not another person in sight. I stayed in the Impiana Suite, a commanding space with a large lounge and dining room, a king-sized bedroom with its own sitting area and a large marble bathroom. Each room has sea views (including the bathroom) and massive sliding (safety) glass doors leading out to the pool deck. From here 40 metres up above the water the views over the bay and out to sea are very soothing on the weary beast indeed.

Ahh, paradise, just like the posters in the travel agency that sparked the idea in the first place.

One night, cold drink in hand, I watched a thunderstorm roll in from the sea from my swimming pool. It enveloped the land and threw lightning bolts around the mountains and churned the sea to a foam as I sat happily immersed in the warm water. This was Nat Geo Channel entertainment writ large, and observed from the perfect vantage point. Not once did I stop to consider the frightening fact that I was sitting in a huge body of water with lightening flashing all around me. Just too relaxed, I suppose.

Seeing as it was absolutely pelting down it gave me an excuse not to have to go out and so I dined onsite in The Living Room in the main resort building right outside my front door. Accompanied by live musical accompaniment from a crooner on a baby grand, the restaurant’s bill of fare was an assortment of Thai and Western dishes that were ably supported by a wide selection of quality wines that went down almost too well.

After dinner I would have retired to the Cigar Lounge for a smoke and a brandy, but having given recently up the habit it just didn’t have the appeal it used to. The three guests that I saw in there, however, had no such compunction and they were well happy with their trip to Cuba and I did feel a passing twinge of regret for my having quit.

Having three days to ponder not working in this very large suite was enjoyable to say the least. I had planned to leave the confines of the resort as little as possible so as not to encounter the outside world and was assisted in this by the fantastic menu and room service that Impiana provided. When I did leave it was only to wander down the hill to the beach for a swim in the sea or to check out some of the local restaurants, so I never had to deal with the local mercenary transport army – otherwise known as the Phuket taxi driver. From airport pick-up to airport drop-off, Impiana had taken full care of me and ensured that my stay in Phuket was exactly that – my stay in Phuket.

Impiana Private Villas Kata Noi
10 Kata Noi Road,
Muang, Phuket.
Tel: +66 7633 0770