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The Fried Stuff of Katsu Sei Jakarta

Published 06 January 2011   

Hassle-free and friendly, Katsusei served VE HANDOJO with all the right fried stuff, dressed in Japanese breadcrumbs.

Sushi. Sashimi. Teppanyaki. Among many, Katsu is usually forgotten within the Japanese dining scene, especially since it is quickly related to Hoka Hoka Bento. Easily looked down upon and considered not as healthy as other styles of Japanese cuisine, Katsu is misunderstood as mere junk food. Katsusei, however, will help to clear things up.

Comfortably set apart from a popular sushi joint, Katsusei – in Plaza Indonesia – provides comfort and privacy for lovers of the right fried stuff. The interior may seem too simple, even leaning towards the dull side. Yet, it has carte blanche for colourful delights ready to sate your palate and, once the panko-showered katsus arrived, you’ll forget about everything else.

Panko is breadcrumbs that not only make your dip-fried thingies look more textured, but most importantly, soften every bite. Your Katsu will come with the goma, or gold-colored sesame. Have fun crushing it yourself, and bathe it with the special Katsu sauce. Every portion that you order will also come with salad, miso soup, and high quality Japanese steamed rice. Everything, from the bitter-fresh ponzu salad-dressing sauce, the goma, the soya, the panko, to the chopsticks, is all imported from Japan.

The scallops come from Hokkaido, while the oysters are from Yokohama. Chilled Australian wagyu is used for the beef katsu. The big thing in Katsusei is the pork katsu, be it tenderloin or sirloin. The white meat is clear, juicy, and tender, covered with crispy skin. Another must-try is the Chicken Cheese Roll Katsu – the name itself is appetizing already. Yes, everything is katsu-able here, including halibut and shrimp.

A compact selection of non-katsus is also available if you feel non-adventurous enough. The sweet egg Atuyaki Tamago is so tender, moist, and throat cleansing, it almost feels like a dessert. The real dessert, though, will be Earl Grey Tea Cake. It’s the most sophisticated and healthy sounding cake I’ve ever had, and it tasted just like that as well.

Katsusei offers another Japanese experience that you can’t get anywhere else in this town, and it’s all worth the trip, if you are coming from far away. The service follows the ultra-friendly tradition of Japanese hospitality and life is just another crunchy bite in Katsusei.

Plaza Indonesia, 1st Floor, E19-19A
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350
Tel: +62 21 2992 3560