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Paulaner Brauhaus Jakarta: Wishing It Was October Already

Published 06 January 2011   

With the arrival of Paulaner Brauhaus, VE HANDOJO couldn’t help wishing that Oktoberfest had come early. Otherwise, he was really going to start a new tradition.

Jakarta’s hottest spot now is located right where it should be: at the focal point of the city – the Bunderan Hotel Indonesia. Nestled in the corner of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, with comfortable access from inside the East Mall of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, is a micro brewery, busily overflowing with that delicious liquid we sophisticatedly call beer.

Paulaner Brauhaus is a German bar with a German experience – no Bir Bintang, danke schön! Those tanks and pipes produce Paulaner beer, and deliver it to your chunky glasses directly. The light-coloured lager and the dark beer are the only two versions you can get in the house. They come in three different portions: 0.3 litre, a half litre, and a full on one litre.

The cold lager tickles your throat with each big, handsome gulp and the refreshing shower gets just more and more delicious with each guzzle. The dark beer, though it looks more fierce, is actually sweeter – and that’s how it will make your evening go ugly, for goodness sake. It may taste easy, but before you know it, you will be the jolliest fella in the place.

Though the bar is the main fountain of joy in Paulaner Brauhaus, the dining tables are where the gluttonous party takes place. Spread throughout the main area, the tables are where the celebrated Bavarian food is served. Classics from Munich include hearty goulash soup, potato soup, Bavarian cheese board with spiced Camembert spread, Brotzeitbretti, Nuremberg sausages, mixed sausage pan, hog roast, and pork knuckle.

The grilled pork sausage that I tried came with curry sauce and every bite was tender, juicy, and squirty. Team it with crispy pork knuckle that comes with the infamous sauerkraut, and there you will have a Bavarian carnivorous feast. Don’t eat pork? No worries. Paulaner Brauhaus serves pork-free halal food that comes from a separate preparation area, using separate kitchen utensils and fryers.

I hate to mention numbers here, but this is an obvious exception. Rp 199K++ for a mash of smoked pork chop, boiled pork knuckle, one piece of pork sausage, meatloaf, two pieces of Vienna sausage, two pieces of Nuernberger, and half pork knuckle platter with sauerkraut and mashed potato – all good for two overweight, hungry diners – are among the city’s best deals! Paulaner is considered a premium beer, yet the price here is the same as regular beer being sold in other regular bars.

With hefty amounts of good food on the plates, and bulky glasses overflowing with beer, I could only wish it was Oktoberfest already in Central Jakarta. Paulaner Brauhaus is the right place to enjoy the calories, get totally jolly, and embrace life to the fullest.

Paulaner Brauhaus
Hotel Indonesia Kempinsi
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1
Central Jakarta
Tel: +62 21 2358 3871


  1. You should really include dates on your posts, so that it’s possible to track them timewise. Thus far, there hasn’t been any actual Paulaner at the Paulaner for almost two years, given that the brewery is closed. There despite of what it says in your article, it’s Bintang all the way now…

    Kind of bad management that they didn’t even succeed to import Paulaner bottles, which would have been the sort of compensation I would have expected at the very least…

    Posted by TMM on 13 March 12 at 4:54pm [Reply]
    • Thanks for your comment and update. All posts have the date at the top right. Cheers

      Posted by Editor on 05 April 12 at 10:05pm