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New Dining in Seminyak: Mama San

Published 25 November 2011   

After enjoying incredible success over the past few years with Sarong, the same group has come up with another winning restaurant; Mama San, which opened just a few weeks ago and it has been full every night since. What is the winning formula you may ask? Simple. Give them style, design, delectable food and a well proven pedigree, and the punters will come marching in. That’s exactly what’s happening in this new two-storey, urban-chic restaurant that is reminiscent of an old dockside warehouse that features a dining area on the ground floor, and bar and lounge area upstairs.

There’s no smoking downstairs so the bar up top is more well-frequented than you would imagine.
Another reason for being upstairs are the exotic and fun cocktails being created and served by Singapore mixologist, Joel Fraser.

But meanwhile, downstairs it’s all about the food. I’m sure they wouldn’t want me to say this, but, think Sarong, and knock 20% off the bill and you more or less land on the Mama San experience. I’m not 100% sure it is exactly 20% less, but there definitely is a sizable difference in price between the two – on some dishes anyway. But leaving the comparisons behind, Will Meyrick and the team know their Asian cuisine and once again have proven it with an inventive and exciting menu of Asian tapas, noodle dishes, wok specials, larger mains…and the punters are flocking in to spend some time with Mama San. They are open for both lunch and dinner.

Tel. +62 361 730 436