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Local Quotes: 15 seconds with a local resident.

Published 29 July 2011   

Salvador Bali asks Sylvia Beiwinkler, the new manager at Kendra Art Gallery in Seminyak, Bali, what she thinks is Hot and Not in her new home town.

S.B. Let’s take a day off, what, where and beginning with your favorite watering hole?
S. That would be Ku De Ta, on the beach and I can bring the kids as well.

S.B. Restaurants?
S. Italian-wise, I like Sasa on Oberoi, I have a passion for Indian as well and that would be Queen’s Tandoor on Jl. Legian.

S.B. Weekends away?
S. I like the Gili Islands or doing something with the kids up north of Bali.

S.B. Getting away from Electric Avenue.
S. Ha, I like that, it’s a good way of putting it.

S.B. Shopping-wise?
S. I’m into white, so basically that’s what I buy, usually around Jl.Oberoi.

S.B. What’s your favorite art gallery?
S. I like Vivi Yip Artroom in Jakarta.

S.B. What about the kids?
S. If they had a choice, it would be the Waterbom every day, (Laughter), also the Safari Park. My daughter also loves Potato Head.

S.B. Music wise?
S.I like the music I grew up with in the seventies and eighties.

S.B. Where would you find that here in Bali?
S. At home on my Ipod.

S.B. Do you do spas?
S. I love spas, my favorite is Callego on Jl.Petitenget. I also love and do yoga.

S.B. Where wouldn’t you go in Bali?
S. Kuta during high season.

S.B. Where would you take a visitor to really impress them?
S. No need to impress, Bali’s got it all, except for snow.