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Li Yen Malaysia: Chinese Haute Cuisine

Published 06 January 2011   

Kuala Lumpur is a city that has been drenched in Chinese culture for as long as anyone can remember. To the outsider its presence is perhaps most noticed by the staggering amounts of Chinese restaurants that fill the city’s streets with the sights and smells of Oriental cuisine. Li Yen restaurant at the Ritz Carlton is one of KL’s best.

By Thomas Jones

Li Yen is Chinese fine-dining at the top of its game serving traditional Cantonese cuisine in a rich Oriental setting that is both authentic and aristocratic. It welcomes all who enter its doors with warm lighting reflected in the black polished marble floors in the foyer, which give way to a swirling red and white carpet that fills the dining room.

Chinese-style lattice-work partitions with circle and hexagon motifs and intricately designed golden plates subtly separate the restaurant into three sections, while warm colour and dark wood finishing set off the classical and modern Chinese artistry. Traditional Chinese paintings adorn the walls and gold leaf ceiling panels run the length of the room. Large half-moon booths sit in all four corners and tables of different sizes fill the gaps and are designed to suit large groups or simply dinner-for-two. As if the food and environment weren’t enough to take your mind all the way to China, there is a live yang quing player performing every night (a Chinese musical instrument akin to a string xylophone), for your listening pleasure.

The menu is extensive and you can dine either from a set course or á la carte. It features all the specialties you would expect from a Cantonese line up including seafood, braised pork, noodles and vegetables using every sauce and spice under the sun, and of course, let’s not forget the ubiquitous Peking duck. It is not only fine-dining, however, that is part of Li Yen’s repertoire; dim sum is served from 12.00 p.m. until 2.30 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and 10.30 a.m. until 2.30 p.m. on Sundays and Public Holidays. Dinner is served from 6.30 p.m. until 10.30 p.m. daily. As well as its main restaurant floor, Li Yen has three private dining rooms and can comfortably host over 100 guests making it ideal for any occasion from birthdays, corporate dinners, and family reunions to weddings.

Restaurants are not just about the ingredients but a sum of all their parts and Li Yen has it done its adding well. The design and attention to detail at Li Yen combined with the taste and aroma of its outstanding Cantonese cuisine creates a wonderfully authentic night out.

Li Yen
The Ritz-Carlton,
Kuala Lumpur
+60 3 2142 8000