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Four Seasons of Elegance: Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

Published 03 June 2008   

In not so many years, Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta has become a favorite place for brunch, spas, parties, and simply sleep. FRV found that it can only get better.

Perhaps this is your first time in Jakarta, and even a Bangkok tuk tuk driver has warned you about the traffic. You’re wondering how to make it on time to the meetings you have in both the Central and South parts of this chaotic city in a day. You study the street map, and things become even more blurred. You try to learn about the city planning, but no locals get what you mean. You want to understand about ‘busway’, or ‘3-in-1 system’, or ‘yellow light means speed up before it’s red’, but your level of thinking cannot be forced to go that far.

Forget about all that, because all you need is to stay in a hotel that’s tucked between Jakarta’s principal streets: Jalan Jendral Sudirman and Jalan HR Rasuna Said. Even going to West Jakarta will be made easier with the direct access. (But, seriously, why do people want to go there?) Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta may be proud to be at that certain strategic location, but hey, even if they are situated in sad, tacky North Jakarta, we might want to suffer the trip only to have some brunch and a spa.

Elegance is whispered through the boxy, bold, and masculine design. Dark-colored marbles and granites are set with solid wood and metal panels. As if to balance the macho-ism, a cute baby piano is displayed in the center of the lobby, near the fountain. Expect soothing tunes during the evening.

Brunching in Seasons Café is a lifestyle. You are not an esteemed Jakartan if you do not table hop during brunch hour in Seasons Café every Saturday or Sunday. The epicurean feast serves international food, crazy cheese, Indonesian favorites, pasta, the longest dessert bar in town, Japanese, Chinese, foie gras, you-name-it. It is so status defining you will be blacklisted from the high society circle if you’ve never been there.

The Chinese restaurant, Lai Ching, also throws dim sum brunch every Sunday. Meat lovers find their home in The Steak House, where the famous One Million Rupiah Burger is served with foie gras on a skewer and a glass of red wine. Meanwhile, crash early to The Bar afterhours to enjoy a free tapas buffet with every single drink purchased.

The Spa, without any doubt, is simply the best in town. The setting is luxuriously private, the therapies are done with the greatest of care and service quality, the products are highly qualified, and the price will not hurt your wallet. It is even cool just to hang out in the spa lounge, or to do exercise in the fully-equipped gym. The outdoor swimming pool has a rectangular shape, and the 25-metre length is suitable for powerful laps. The whole relaxing promenade is made perfect with a hot whirlpool and cold plunge.

Corridors in Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta are never empty. The rather gloomy backdrop of dark charcoal grey and black marble always showcases paintings – either only to gaze at, or to bring home. Art has become a major attraction even in the most hidden parts of the hotel, with amazing Indonesian antiques also displayed.

There are so many good things to do in Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta you may even forget what your room number is. Whatever it is, you’re going back to a spacious room with full amenities. The comfort of home is elevated with
flawless service. Especially for first timers in this notorious city, the security system of Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta is also among the best available, with every vehicle tightly inspected at the entrance. Everything is conducted in a manner to ensure your most peaceful sleep.

Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said
Jakarta 12920, Indonesia
Tele: +62 21 252 3456