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Sublime Indulgence: Chef Abu Goh from Hu’u

Published 03 April 2007   

Chef Abu Goh from Hu’u Bar and Restaurant has been pushing the limits and raising the bar since arriving at the helm of Hu’u’s culinary operation. This month he launches a new menu with some highlights that you can enjoy making yourself at home or try for yourself in the indulgent and luxurious atmosphere of one of Bali’s best restaurants. Hu’u.

Starter: Confit of Hainanese Chicken with oriental salad and chili vinaigrette in its own oil

Chicken confit
Chicken breast skin on 2pcs
Candla oil 1 Liter
Ginger 5 Cm
Garlic 10pcs
Pandan Leaf 1 Bundle
Lemon grass 2 Stalk
Star anise 2pcs
Cinamon stick 2pcs
Chilli 4pcs
Cadamon pods 2pcs

Put all ingredients together and bake at 100°C for 45 mins. Conserve oil and leave chicken too cool.

Celery stalk 1 Stalk
Spring onion 1 Bundle
Coriander leaf 1 Bundle
Carrot 1pcs
Red capsicums 1pcs

Julienne all the vegetables and refresh in ice water, strain and set aside

Chilli Vinaigrette:
Chilli big 6pcs
Ginger 2cm
Garlic 5pcs
Vinager 1 tbsp
Sugar pinch
Salt pinch
Oil from the chicken
confit 6 tbsp

Blend all ingredients and set aside

Cut chicken into stripes. Toss all ingredients and serve

Main: Slow cooked Teriyaki Salmon with brandade of crab, ratatouille and capsicum coulis.

Salmon 150gr

Teriyaki sauce:
Soya 100ml
Ginger 2cm
Mirin 100ml
Sake 100ml
Sugar 50ml

Saute ginger with sesame oil till fragrant. Add all ingredient and reduce a thick constancy.

Brandade of crab:
Crab meat 100gr
Potato mash 100gr
Shallot oil 50gr
Chop chive 1 tbsp
Lemon juice dash

Cook crab meat with shallot oil. Add potato mash season with salt and pepper. Lastly fold in chop chive and lemon juice.

Red capsicum 1pcs
Yellow zucchini dice 1pcs
Green zucchini dice 1pcs
Eggplant dice 1pcs
Olive kalamata dice 12pcs
Tomato Juice 100ml

Saute the vegetable in a hot pan till brown, add tomato juice and olive. Cook till vegetable is tender.

Capsicum coulis:
Red capsicum 2nos

Gril capsicum till skin is burn evenly, peel off skin and blend till smooth. Set aside to cool.
Marinade salmon with teriyaki sauce and bake in the oven at 100°c for 15 mins.
Serve salmon with brandade of crab, ratatouille and capsicum

Dessert: Strawberry Mousse Cake

Strawberry puree 300ml
Cream whipped 250ml
Sugar 140ml
Eggs yolk 4pcs
Gelatine 2sheet
Joconde 2pcs

Lay cake ring 5cm(7-in) with baking paper, follow by joconde and set aside.
Meanwhile soak gelatine in water, when soft drain and add 2tbsp of water and boil till melt, set aside
Whipped yolks and sugar in a bowl over a pot of simmering water till pale, add in strawberry puree and fold in whip cream followed by the gelatine
Pour mixture into cake ring, set in the fridge till ready to serve